Privacy Policy

Below privacy policy applies for using Jabwn forms API


API Keys are auto generated by Jabwn Forms API. All API Keys are unique and dedicated to per email address. A single API Key can process unlimited forms with different data, design, and API options. So, you don't need to generate API Keys for every form unless you want to receive different form data to different Email Address.

Only one API Key can be generated per email address. It means, your forms data will only send to the email address the API Key generated for.

Email Address

Your email addresses will not visible to public. It's protected from Search Engines, Bots and any other Email Finder Software.

We don't use your Email Addresses for any types of marketting nor integrated with any Mail List. We don't sell your Email Addresses and we don't share your Email Addresses with any of our products or Third Party.

During generating API Keys for your Email Addresses, It's encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software.

Data Security

All your forms data processed with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information.

Data Privacy

All your forms data securely stores on this API Database for processing purpose only and DELETES weekly. We can't provide any of your forms data by request. It's not visible or accessible by any third party.

File Attachments Privacy

We don't store your forms Attachments (files) on Jabwn Forms API server anyway. This API uses as a bridge for your files and send directly to your Email Address as an Attachment from the Form.

SPAM Emails

If you use Jabwn Forms API's Honey Pot (SPAM Protection) and if it detects any SPAM, it will not process your forms nor send email.

Third Party SMTP

We don't use any third party SMTP service. All emails processed by Jabwn Forms API server. So, no third party Terms or Privacy policy applies.

Limitations and Safety

There is no limitations about using Jabwn Forms API. Jabwn Forms API doesn't set any limit to number of submissions or forms. But if we receive any reasonable complaints about misusing Jabwn Forms API, we reserve the rights to Block your Email Addresses and it's API Keys. Before blocking any Email Addresses or API keys for any misuses, we will send warning email, so you have chance to resolve the issue.